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Rail Safety Worker
Rail Safety Worker
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'RISI' training IS NOT a Rail Safety Worker Assessment.

'RISI' is the Rail Industry equivalent to the Construction Industry Induction 'White Card'.

Many business and Rail Safety Workers have made an assumption that because the 'RISI' card is titled RAIL SAFETY WORKER CARD that they have been assessed as competent Rail Safety Workers.

This assumption now means many businesses and Rail Safety Workers are in breach of the Rail Safety National Law (NSW) 2012 in that they have not compied with legistlation and been assessed as competent for their roles.

"Do I have a Rail Safety Worker ASSESSMENT Card?"
YES: No further action
NO: I need more information

To be compliant you and/or your identified Rail Safety Workers need to be assessed as compentent. CATS are able to work with you and your business with the following:

  • Identify if your staff are Rail Safety Workers or not
  • Assess staff identified as Rail Safety Workers to the standard applied by Transport for New South Wales to their workers
  • Provide you with the ability to track competencies of your staff, where necessary.

I need to:
Determine who are my RSWs
Develop our assessment process
Assess my RSWs

Our assessors have extensive experience in conducting Rail Safety Worker Assessments across NSW for various organisations in both the Public and Private Sectors.

If you contract to TFNSW or are looking to tended for contract to TFNSW you can be assured our Rail Safety Worker Assessment process will meet the requirements of TFNSW in relation to providing proof of competency.

Do I contract or am I tendering to TFNSW?
/ NO
IF YES: Do I have a Rail Safety Worker
Competency Assessment Card?
IF NO: I need help to get assessed
in order to be compliant.

After being deemed competent CATS will issue a
Rail Safety Worker Competency Assessment Card.

This card provides evidence that you're identified
Rail Safety Worker has been assessed as competent.




"I have done RISI training and
have been assessed as a
Rail Safety Worker."







"What do I need to do to be compliant with the
Rail Safety National Law (NSW) 2012?"





"We need experienced,
industry recognised
RSW Assessors."