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Competency Assessment and Training Services - What we do

We have extensive experience in the Competency Assessment of Rail Safety Workers, Rail Industry Workers in high risk industries providing these services to both Public and Private sector entities.

Additionally, we are able to assist in providing the evidence of competency required for organisations seeking A.E.O. (Authorised Engineering Organisation) certifications.

Requirements for assessing competency when working in rail will vary depending on your role as well as any requirements set by the rail operator. Competency Assessment and Training Services (CATS) provides competency assessments where a formal assessment is required. Specifically for Design Houses, Architectural Firms and Service Subcontractors who provide the following:

CATS can perform these assessments. To find out more, phone Colin on 0424 753 968

If you are unsure of the requirements for your role, by contacting us, we will assist you in outlining your requirements in providing evidence and proof of competency.

Additionally, CATS can assist in providing the following:

Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Cards

The "Rail Industry Worker Card" is a system administered by the Australian Railway Association (ARA). A number of Rail Transport Operators require contractors to hold the Rail Industry Worker (RIW) card. As the holder of a RIW card your information is stored in an online database, containing your relevant competency information.